You don’t just jump off a building!

When you’re feeling pathetic, when you feel like nothing is right, when you feel that you haven’t done anything worth, when you feel guilty, when you hate your work, when you want to leave, when you relish the past and only the past, when you do not like yourself, when entertainment doesn’t entertain you, when you cant listen, when you do not want to see, when you cant reason,

You don’t just jump off a building!


1. Into The Wild – I feel like this movie is one which will put you in your place. Make you think over about your relationships and your aims in life. I loved this film because it makes you feel confident, powerful and free, like you could do whatever you want in the world and enjoy yourself and experience life in all possible ways. “After watching this film i walked out of my home and though it was momentary and i did return, i now know that i won’t be afraid to do it again” – Rahul and me.

2. Good Will Hunting – Would you leave your home, your friends, your environment, your opportunities and your history? Well, this film made me feel so. It made me realize that what I believed in would/should be the only thing that matters and will stay forever. The rest are those that will pass and reappear.

3. The Truman Show – Sometimes I feel like leaving home and running away, to the world. There is so much to do in live rather than staying home, studying, working, and earning money. There are so many people whom I have to meet, so many places I have to see, so much of food I have to eat and so much of the world that waits for me. There is always a part of me that sits in its place dreaming of what it would be like in Andaman at this time of the year and what it would be like in Africa with all the Elephants, Lions and Cheetahs. This part of me has always been there and has always wanted to go and explore the world, like an adventurer, like a kid. This movie has the ability to help you see yourself too, the real self and give you strength enough, to leave one fine morning wishing everyone “Good Morning”.

“And in case I don’t see you Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night”.


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