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Posted: February 18, 2012 in Control, Life, Society

Gamer is a movie made recently about games, but also about control. I saw this movie recently and thought about one single idea. The idea to give control over yourself to somebody else. The game ‘Society’ in the movie, shows people giving away their control over themselves in order to earn money and other people who pay to get control of such people (i think it will be clear to you when you watch the movie). The whole idea of the developer of the game was to give people a real life experience, which here literally means ‘REAL LIFE’. Its a movie worth watching to understand the power people with control (which is now a synonym of money) possess in this world. I am pretty sure that people have felt so in real life too. The extent to which the powerful people control our lives is unimaginable. Of course they do not control our being directly but in their own twisted and indirect way, they do. From what we eat and drink to how we behave, everything thing is in some way controlled by ‘them’. Is this what we call real life? Is this what we want to be? Players of a ‘game’ called ‘Society’?


Sometimes I feel like leaving home and running away, to the world. There is so much to do in live rather than staying home, studying, working, and earning money. There are so many people whom I have to meet, so many places I have to see, so much of food I have to eat and so much of the world that waits for me. There is always a part of me that sits in its place dreaming of what it would be like in Andaman at this time of the year and what it would be like in Africa with all the Elephants, Lions and Cheetahs. This part of me has always been there and has always wanted to go and explore the world, like an adventurer, like a kid. This movie has the ability to help you see yourself too, the real self and give you strength enough to leave one fine and normal morning wishing everyone “Good Morning”.

“And in case I don’t see you Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night”.

I feel like this movie is one which will put you in your place. Make you think over about your relationships and your aims in life. I loved this film because it makes you feel confident, powerful and free, like you could do whatever you want in the world and enjoy yourself and experience life in all possible ways. “After watching this film i walked out of my home and though it was momentary and i did return, i now know that i won’t be afraid to do it again” – Rahul and me.

Pickpocket is a 1959 french film, directed by Robert Bresson. The movie revolves around a petty thief, Michel who lives on the money he earns by stealing peoples wallets. Michel teams up with a couple of pickpockets like him and manages well enough, though the police is always on the lookout for him and suspects him. He does get caught and is later released after which he travels around a bit before returning to his home where he finally admits his longing for Jeanne who has been beside him for the entire time and has supported him throughout.

The film has very few dialogues and is more in of a narrative of what Michel writes in his diary. It also has an interesting turn of events which lead to Michel and Jeanne coming together who would have never met if Michel hadn’t been a pickpocket.

Good Will Hunting is a very deep and meaningful piece of work. The movie gives an interesting understanding on relationships, between people from different ages, between people with different backgrounds and different characters. The movie also highlights the issue of failure being looked down upon and dreams being very money oriented. Robin Williams has played a very interesting role where he asks the boy to do what he wants to do and not blindly follow the others. The boys friend also plays a very important role in making him understand how he would want things to be.

Later i also learnt that the story was written by Matt Damon himself who also acted as the boy in the movie. I think he came up with a very interesting story and has done justice to the it.

A Walk to Remember

Posted: January 5, 2012 in Friendship, Life, Love, Relationships
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A walk to remember is a sweet movie, and a nice one time watch. Though some might say that the movie is too peachy and mushy, i think think its worth a watch. If you sink into the character’s which is what i usually do, you will realize that it is also about friendship and standing up for the right and having enough courage to challenge the wrong even if they look stronger than you do. They say that you lose everything if you be a “walk out” but only the “walks out’s” know what they have gained at the end of it. The movie also talks about how love is limitless and has no boundaries. To quote a few words from the movie that really touched me; “Our love is like the wind, i can’t see it……but i can feel it”.