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Posted: February 18, 2012 in Control, Life, Society

Gamer is a movie made recently about games, but also about control. I saw this movie recently and thought about one single idea. The idea to give control over yourself to somebody else. The game ‘Society’ in the movie, shows people giving away their control over themselves in order to earn money and other people who pay to get control of such people (i think it will be clear to you when you watch the movie). The whole idea of the developer of the game was to give people a real life experience, which here literally means ‘REAL LIFE’. Its a movie worth watching to understand the power people with control (which is now a synonym of money) possess in this world. I am pretty sure that people have felt so in real life too. The extent to which the powerful people control our lives is unimaginable. Of course they do not control our being directly but in their own twisted and indirect way, they do. From what we eat and drink to how we behave, everything thing is in some way controlled by ‘them’. Is this what we call real life? Is this what we want to be? Players of a ‘game’ called ‘Society’?